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Tuesday May 4, 2010                         Share/Bookmark

Cut to the News will cease publishing for a couple of more weeks while a sister site is under development. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will see you soon!

The Top 25 of April 22:
Leading Today's News

Nicholas CleggLiberals Surge in Britain After winning televised debate, Nicholas Clegg leads in British race. Washington Post

Ship Was Hit by North Korean Missile . . . Naval vessel that sank with loss of 46 was victim of unprovoked attack, reports claim. Times of London

Eleven Workers Still Missing From Oil Rig . . .Search for survivors of oil rig explosion aided by calm seas and winds, but fire continues. New Orleans Times-Picayune


politics newsGoldman's White House Connection . . . While its lawyers negotiated with the SEC over civil fraud charges, Goldman's chief executive visited White House at least four times. McClatchy Newspapers

Abortion Looms Over Obama Court Pick . . . "Compromise" on issue in health bill helps fuel fury. Washington Times

Oklahoma Calls for Tough Abortion Law . . . State pushing through five bills that would give it some of toughest abortion restrictions in the US. The Guardian

Senators Close to Bipartisan Deal . . . In a notable departure from rancor over health care, formal debate on Finance bill could begin next week. Washington Post

Obama to Scold Financial Industry . . . Speech in Manhattan will castigate financial industry he says has too often forgotten the ordinary Americans. Wall Street Journal

RNC Financial Disarray . . . Group spending more money courting top-dollar donors than it raises. Washington Times

National Security

national security newsSyria Gives Hezbollah Scud Missiles . . . Washington presses Syria to stop giving sophisticated ballistic missile technology to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Washington Times

SEAL Acquitted of Failing to Stop Beating . . . Beaten Iraqi prisoner is accused of masterminding a grisly attack on four American contractors. Los Angeles Times

Iran Begins War Games . . . :Leaders accuse U.S. of making "atomic threats" at Iran. New York Times

Subs Face Sea Change . . . Despite criticism, U.S. Navy will ban smoking and then allow women and gays to serve on crews.
Washington Post


business newsIMF: World Economy Picking Up . . . Report finds that emerging nations will lead stronger than expected growth in the world economy over the next year.
Christian Science Monitor

Banks Getting Federal Aid Cut Loans . . . Banks that received federal assistance also gave bigger pay raises to employees than those that didn't. USA Today

Volcano Costs Airlines $2 Billion . . . Carrier struggling now to get hundreds of thousands of travelers back home.
Associated Press

Facebook Expands Web Presence . . . Deals struck with other websites to include Facebook apps. War with Google.
Daily Telegraph

The New, High Tech $100 Bill . . . Has advanced security features to thwart counterfeiters and allow for authentication without special tools. Christian Science Monitor


international newsIsrael Rejects U.S. Demand . . . Netanyahu will not suspend all construction in contested east Jerusalem, threatening to entrench peace talk impasse.

Sarkozy to Push Veil Ban . . . French president will submit legislation banning veils "in all public places."
Toronto Globe and Mail

Anti-Gay Abuse Rife in Africa . . . Wave of intense anti-gay actions washing across Africa, where homosexuality already is illegal in at least 37 countries. Associated Press

Ukraine, Russia Ink Deal . . . Pact with new pro-Moscow leader allows Russia's Black Sea Fleet to stay in the country another 25 years. Washington Post

You Must Also Know . . .

today's newsMark Twain's Elegy for Lost Daughter . . . Eulogy for his eldest daughter and muse, Susy – who died from spinal meningitis at 24 – has surfaced. The Guardian

The Greatest Nature Photos Ever Taken . . . View "Dance of the Polar Bears" and other amazing shots. Times of London

Saudi Girl, 12, Wins Right to Divorce . . . Move to allow bride to divorce 80-year-old husband may spur a minimum age of marriage in Saudi Arabia. Times of London

Please Restart Your Computer . . . Update from antivirus software provider McAfee causes computers around the world to repeatedly reboot. Chicago Tribune

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Today's Quote

"I don't have any litmus test at all for choosing a nominee to the Supreme Court.

- President Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys:
This is not a real quote.

Guilty Pleasures

weird news

Psychics Heal Woman of Her Cash
Mother-daughter psychic healing team convinces woman her money is cursed and that she needed to take it and leave it at special shrine.
Chicago Tribune

Angry Goat Invades Nursing Home
Rampage began when gardener tried to shoot it away. Three taken to the hospital. Not the goat.


Top Sports

Roethlisberger Gets Six Game Suspension
Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will miss first six games of next season for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy.
Washington Post

NFL Prospects are Kept Guessing
Sam Bradford, the Oklahoma quarterback, is the presumed first pick Thursday, but much of the draft is still uncertain.
New York Times



The Latest Polls

The Country is Headed in the . . .

Right Direction: 41%
Wrong Direction: 57%

AP-GfK April 7-12

Do You Approve or Disapprove of the Job Obama is Doing?

Approve: 44%
Disapprove: 41%

CBS March 31-April 1

Will You Vote for a Republican or a Democrat for Congress?

Republican: 47%
Democrat: 44%

Gallup March 22-28

Do You Think the Health Bill . . .

Will expand government's role in health care too much: 65%
Will cost government too much: 64%
Doesn't do enough to curb rising costs: 58%
Should include a public option: 52%
Doesn't Sufficiently regulate the health care industry: 51%

USA Today/Gallup March 26-28

Do You Support or Oppose the new Health Care Law?

Strongly Support: 32%
Somewhat Support: 13%
Strongly Oppose: 40%
Somewhat Oppose: 10%

Washington Post March 23-26

The New Health Care Bill:

Is a good first step: 49%
Makes the Wrong Types of Changes: 31%
The system doesn't need change: 8%
Makes the most important changes needed. 4%

USA/Gallup March 22

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